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In the peristories of Olympus, Kronos, the Titan, had many children. Children that, once born, he devoured without hesitation. When Zeus was born, Rhea, his mother, decided to hide him from his father. She gave birth to him in Crete and replaced him with a stone wrapped in the clothes of a newborn child. This is how Zeus survived, growing up healthy and strong in Crete. When he reached adulthood, he decided to challenge the fury of the Titans as was predicted. Thus began the rise of the God of Olympus, who first forced Kronos to vomit up the children he had eaten, and then, with his brothers and sisters, defeated the Titans in the Titanomachia.



    • Create your annual programme
    • Specialisation on different muscle districts
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • More than 180 workouts to choose from
    • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Zeus is Rhinocoaching’s first signature programme. It is designed to be not only extremely brutal and effective but also completely personalisable. Within the programme you will find 12 weeks of work. For each week there will be 3 different workouts for EACH muscle district. Based on the guidelines we give you, you can select the workouts to form your split. Based on your needs, your muscle and performance deficiencies, your structure and the areas you want to improve. Once you have finished the first 12-week block, you can set up another one, varying between the exercises and workouts proposed so that you can build your annual programme step by step.

Warning. The purpose of Zeus is to take you to the limit. If you follow the programme to the letter you will not be able to complete the first 12-week block, you will have to stop and download earlier. So it’s not just 12 weeks that await you. The programme is a continuous challenge, you will have to try and try again, one mesocycle at a time, until you can cope with this intensity and amount of work. This drastic improvement in your performance will lead you to adapt and build up so much in hypertrophic terms.

Just as the father of the gods had to survive Cronus and ascend to the throne of Olympus, a winding road will open up for you, leading either to failure or to conquering the summit.




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