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Hephaestus was the son of Hera, a son she had as a moral ransom for the many betrayals of her husband Zeus. As soon as he was born and Hera saw him, she banished him from Olympus and sent him crashing to Earth. Hephaestus fell into the ocean and was raised by the Nereids.

To take revenge on his mother Hera, he built her a golden throne which, as soon as she sat down, imprisoned her. Many were the prayers of the other gods who wanted him on Olympus to free her. In the end Dionysius got him drunk and took him to Olympus by force, but Hephaestus only agreed to free his mother on condition that he was recognised as a god.

So it was and Hephaestus was given as husband to the beautiful Aphrodite. However, she fell in love with Ares, god of war, and repeatedly betrayed him. Tired of such treatment, he returned to earth to Mount Etna.

Hephaestus’ life was not an easy one. It was a losing battle from the start, forcing him to withdraw into himself and fight his own difficulties. This is what you will have to do, fighting the adverse conditions and carrying out an inhuman programme to reach your Top Condition. Here, in this moment, you can make the difference. Here you can realise everything you have worked for over the last few years. Here you can demonstrate what level you are destined to reach.

  • Crea il tuo programma per la definizione, raggiungi la tua Top Condition!
  • Specializzazione sui diversi distretti muscolari
  • Esercizi spiegati in maniera dettagliata
  • Più di 180 allenamenti tra cui scegliere
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Vulcano is a different programme from the others because it plans to make you lose from the start. You will be following a hard route without adequate calorie support. The definition phase requires a great deal of concentration and a lot of head to be conducted perfectly from start to finish.

In the programme you will be given almost 200 workouts that you will have to spread over 14-20 weeks according to the guidelines and feedback we give you. The programme will also give you precise indications on how to modulate and move your diet according to the different weeks.

These workouts are divided into 3 phases which will gradually lower your fat mass and then lead to a Reverse phase (fourth phase) which will allow you to fill out the muscle, gain vascularity and pump and reach your final shape.

Vulcan, like the other programmes, is NOT for everyone. It’s up to you to see if you have what it takes to complete it successfully!




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