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Venus is the goddess of beauty, daughter of Jupiter and the ocean nymph Dione, born of a shell in the middle of the sea. To prevent the goddess from becoming a source of dispute between gods and humans, Jupiter gave her to Vulcan, the blacksmith of the gods, as his wife. An ugly god, but firm and resolute in character. Venus, dissatisfied with her marriage, was not faithful to her husband and had love affairs with humans and gods. From her love with Mars was born Cupid, god of love.

Venus is the ultimate expression of beauty, to the point that her seven faults were stereotyped over time as indices of grace and elegance (such as Venus’ dimples or the Greek foot). The beauty of the goddess has always been a source of tension between men and gods. The sense of this programme is to bring you to your top condition, to get you to such an aesthetic performance that you cannot fail to be noticed. Venus is a definition-focused programme that will take you not only down in terms of fat mass (real weight loss) but up to your best aesthetic performance in the final weeks of work!



    • Create your own definition programme and reach your top condition!
    • Specialisation on different muscle groups
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • More than 180 workouts to choose from
    • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Venus is the latest Rhinocoaching programme dedicated to the female universe. After Era, this programme will teach you how to achieve your top condition.

In the programme we explain in detail not only how to set up your workouts and how to customise them for you, but also how to manage your diet throughout the 12 weeks of work!

Venus requires a lot of dedication and adherence, it won’t be an easy path and you will have to bring out the best in yourself. You will have to show maximum determination and stubbornness to turn your body around.

Venus explains in detail how to move according to your menstrual cycle, an aspect that could heavily influence your path. In the introduction, we understand the mechanisms behind the cycle, the hormonal variations and how to use them to your advantage.

It is up to you to take the leap and change your body. Venus is here for you!



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