Agonistic preparation

Road to Pro


Road To Pro is the training programme that led us to win the Pro Card at the 2018 Best Natural In Show.

The programme contains 8 weeks of preparation, 8 intense, brutal weeks. Everything that made the metamorphosis of the athlete possible and led us to unprecedented top condition.

  • 8 weeks of programming on 6 times a week.
  • Focus on glutes, femorals and, in the last few weeks, the great back.
  • All the logic of managing macros, salts and water to achieve top condition.
  • Membership of the members-only FB group for daily help and clarification from us.

We will be clear about this, the programme is not meant to be printed and reapplied. Road to Pro has first and foremost a high educational value because it allows you to learn and understand the logic behind a high-level competitive preparation.

This does not mean that, if you follow us, you will have all the necessary tools to adapt it to your needs and experiment with this programming as well.

Prepare yourself for the worst, because we haven’t gone easy on you.



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