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Kratos is the son of the titan Pallas and the nymph Styx. Brother of Bias, the ‘violence’, he symbolised power. The two assisted Zeus in his throne, ready to enforce his will. It was they who chained Prometheus to the cliff. Together with Zeus he fought against the Titans in the Titanomachy.

As bodyguard to the father of the gods, Kratos simply performs. So must you, bringing out all the brutality in your body. The Chasing the Logbook approach, on which this programme is based, requires just that. To disregard your limits, not only by challenging them, but by ignoring them altogether. The programme will guide you and ask for increasing performance, effort levels you have never before experienced. At the end of the programme you will get to know yourself and feel like you never have before and realise that much of what you saw as a barrier was in your head.



    • Create your own Bulk programme and upset your muscle volumes and masses
    • Specialisation on different muscle districts
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • More than 600 workouts to choose from
    • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Kratos is the new Rhinocoaching programme dedicated to Hypertrophy. It is a different approach to the previous ones and will require much more dedication to take your body to the limit.

Kratos contains more than 600 workouts and lasts up to 40 weeks. The programme explains how to choose them and set up your own personal split according to your needs and muscle deficiencies. It can be adapted to a split of 3 times a week as well as 7 times a week. It’s up to you to plan it according to what you need (and the programme will help you do that).

Kratos is not for everyone, it is a much more advanced level of training in the style of Chasing the Logbook. You will need to constantly improve your performance by pushing yourself to your limit in each session. This will force the body to adapt and create a foundation of muscular growth with broad impact.

There is also a nutrition section in the programme where we explain how to set your diet according to your needs and how to manage the bulk phase throughout the programme.

By far the most anabolic fruit of our work. If you’re ready (and few of you really are)… Kratos is waiting for you!



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