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The King of Crete, Minos, commissioned Daedalus to build a Labyrinth for the Minotaur. Once the work was completed, Daedalus and his son Icarus were imprisoned because, knowing the structure of the labyrinth, they could have revealed its secrets.

To escape, Daedalus built wings of feathers and wax for himself and his son. Once in the air, despite his father’s warnings, Icarus flew higher and higher, letting himself be carried away by the thrill of flight. He came too close to the sun, which heated the wax and destroyed his wings. Icarus fell into the sea and died. When we push our limits, it is very easy to ‘burn out’ and fail because we are too careless. In this programme you have to be wiser than Icarus and, aware that your wings may be melted, understand that you are playing on a razor’s edge.

  • Create your own programme for the Cut phase and achieve your Top Condition.
  • Specialisation on different muscle groups
  • Exercises explained in detail
  • More than 180 workouts to choose from
  • Join the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time

Icarus is the new programme from Rhinocoaching. A programme designed to get you to your best condition ever. The programme is designed to get you on stage.

The programme includes a nutritional part, structured in detail and taken care of week by week in order to give you all the energy you need to successfully complete your workouts and your body can gradually lose fat mass without affecting muscle tissue.

More than 180 workouts divided into 12 micro-cycles of 7/10 days, which must be chosen and set up step by step according to the needs of the athlete.

Ready to reach your best condition ever. Icarus is here.





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