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Hercules or Heracles was born from the incestuous union of Alcmena and Zeus. Zeus, having fallen in love with Alcmena, took the form of her husband Amphitryon, king of Tiryns, and spent the night with her. Shortly before the birth of the hero, Zeus boasted about his future son, provoking the jealousy of his wife Hera. She tried to kill Hercules several times from his early childhood. To safeguard him, Zeus made the child drink the milk of Hera herself while she slept. This gave the youngster superhuman strength and the qualities of a demigod.


  • Create your own strength programme and increase loads on the main lifts!
  • Specialisation on different muscle districts
  • Exercises explained in detail
  • More than 250 workouts to choose from
  • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Hercules is the first Rhinocoaching program dedicated to strength training. The programme is still focused on hypertrophy, and is therefore aimed at those who want to improve and work in Bodybuilding, but the aim of the mesocycles is to increase the loads on the various exercises and, in particular, on the three lifts.

Hercules is composed of three different sections:

  • Basic. The basic level is for those who have never had experience in Powerlifitng or have only followed a few Pure Strength mesocycles. It consists of a PL (Powerlifting) part with a progression of 3 lifts, and a Bodybuilding part (divided into workouts for each muscle district). Both of these parts are divided into 12 weeks of work. The programme explains in detail how to set up all the workouts to create your own personal work split according to your needs, availability and goals.
  • Intermediate. Aimed at those who are already familiar with fundamental work. The Powerlifting part is more complex, with work on Tempo change, on certain ROM stretches and includes the use of accessories to maximise improvement on the three lifts. The Bodybuilding part is the same as the Basic level.
  • Advanced. The highest level for those who already have a lot of experience in Powerlifting (or who have already completed a mesocycle on the other two levels). The advanced level contains 12 different strength programmes, one for each Hercules effort. Each programme lasts 12 weeks. We are therefore talking about 144 weeks (36 months) of work. Each progression is explained in detail and has different characteristics and modus operandi that must be contextualised to the needs of the athlete. This is why a background in PL that allows us to understand how to work is essential!

Every part of the programme is explained in detail in the eBook. In this way everyone will have the possibility to set up their own work cycle.

But you won’t be alone because, for any doubts or uncertainties, as with the other programmes, there will be a dedicated Facebook group where we will answer all your questions!




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