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After being swallowed by her father Cronus and rescued by her brother Zeus, Hera was raised in the house of Oceanus and Thetis. In the garden of the Hesperides she married Zeus. This choice proved to be a very unhappy one for the goddess, as she had to continually struggle with her husband’s betrayals and her love for mankind. This led to Hera being identified as the most vengeful of the gods and a hatred of humans developing within her.

But it was not a human who was the focus of Hera’s hatred. Heracles, son of Zeus and stepson of the goddess, was hated by Hera even before his birth. It was she who sent the two snakes into his cradle, animals that were killed by the hero in swaddling clothes. It was she again who made sure that he had to perform the 12 labours and, not content with that, made them all more difficult..

In the end the heroic spirit of Heracles touched even Hera herself, who was saved during the Gigantomachy. Having reconciled with the hero, Hera gave him her daughter Hebe in marriage.



    • Create your own annual programme
    • Specialisation on different muscle districts
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • More than 180 workouts to choose from
    • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Era is NOT an easy program, you will NOT be able to complete it on the first try and it is NOT designed to allow you to do so. Era is a program that has only one purpose, to put you in front of an impossible task and make you succeed in it.

It is designed to be not only extremely brutal and effective but also completely personalisable. Within the programme you will find 12 weeks of work. For each week there will be 3 different workouts for EACH muscle district. Based on the guidelines we give you, you can select the workouts to form your split. You should base this on yourneeds, your muscular and performance deficiencies, your structure and the districts you want to improve. Once you have finished the first 12-week block, you can set up another one, varying between the exercises and workouts offered so that you can build your annual programme step by step.

The story of Hera, while tending to portray the goddess as a negative character in Greek mythology, highlights many of the sufferings that the female gender, now as then, has to endure. Women are complex and being a woman is not easy… but we are not interested in easy. Proud of who we are and tired of being belittled with superficial and simple training protocols because “otherwise we’ll catch fire”, we want to take what is ours and give a new meaning to the concept of performance.




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