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Bodybuilding – The complete manual


This book is not intended to be a work for the many but rather a book for those who really want to.
Those who want to learn, those who want to go a step further, those who want to get involved.
It will not be an easy read, in fact it is quite complex at times. Not because of any particular linguistic complexity, but because the subject matter is vast. There are many concepts that are swept under the carpet, as if they were dust. In our sport, we often focus on the empirical, on what we see and what appears. There are also those who base all their experience on studies, on evidence based, going to a completely opposite extreme. However, it is only the combination, the right encounter between science and practice that is successful, and it is also this that makes this text so complex.

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You will have to pay a lot of attention and read it pro-actively. Don’t limit yourself to just one reading because it will most likely be on the second or third reading that you will really begin to understand many concepts.
In writing this book I have tried to organise the science and practice of cultural tourism. A work that will be fundamental for you to fully understand and manage all the cornerstones of this sport. But, in doing so, I have had to forego any form of ‘ready-made meal’. There will be no cards or simple answers to your questions. There will be answers, yes, there will also be examples of prorgamming, but nothing that doesn’t require your further intervention in order to master everything and apply everything to you in the best possible way.
What moved me was a gap that I have always experienced, the lack of a text like this one that could put order in so many concepts and so many theories thrown at random, to navigate in an ocean of notions without a precise order, prey to different currents each time. It is a book that I would have liked to read years ago and that is the fruit of many comparisons and much experience.
In the hope that it will give you the help you are looking for….
… good reading.


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