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Ade, son of Cronus and Rhea, was eaten by his father when he was just born. Rescued by his brother Zeus, he took part in the Titanomachy and then received the sovereignty of the Underworld when the universe was divided with his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, who received the sky and the sea respectively.

Ades is hardly present in mythology, master of his realm there he lies, coldly serious, not evil, but poised. Just as Hades estranged himself from all that was happening on earth, in the sky and in the sea, so you will have to find your own integrity and balance in order to carry out this programme. You will have to be master of yourself, of your emotions. Have a rhythm, a daily routine and an inner serenity, a serenity that is difficult for anyone to shake. Only in this way will you ensure that you achieve your results. Only in this way will you be able to ask so much from your body.



    • Create your own Bulk phase programme, aimed at the greatest possible hypertrophy.
    • Specialisation on different muscle districts
    • Exercises explained in detail
    • More than 180 workouts to choose from
    • Subscription to the private Facebook group for help and advice at any time



Ade is Rhinocoaching’s new signature programme, a programme aimed at the Mass phase. A new, even more difficult and demanding programme that will require your maximum commitment. As a project, it follows on from the previous Zeus and Kratos which the athlete MUST have completed in order to progress to the latter. It is a more advanced workout that will require a lot of steadiness in terms of body but above all mind.


The programme includesa nutritional component, structured in detail and taken care of week by week in order to give all the energy necessary for the workouts to be completed successfully and for the body to create the maximum possible hypertrophy without creating damage in terms of insulin sensitivity or general health.

More than 180 days of training and more than 180 days of training.

More than 180 workouts divided into 18 weeks, workouts that must be chosen and set up step by step according to the needs of the athlete. Ade is a programme structured with the Push Pull Legs, the most balanced split ever and aimed at the greatest possible hypertrophy.


The next step towards reaching your maximum potential. Ade has arrived.




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